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Debra Kerner


Debra Kerner is the CEO and founder of All StarZ Staffing. Debra’s staffing industry experience includes financial executive positions with Nasdaq listed Raycomm Transworld, a holding company for Royalpar Industries, Ewing Technical Design, Mainstream Engineering, and LPL Technical Services among others, SAC International, a UK based firm specializing in Engineering and Design that went public during her tenure resulting in her first Vice Presidency, Morson International, a Petrochemical company that recruited Debra to assist them after going public in the UK, and Pace Staffing Network, a regional firm located in Bellevue, Washington. Debra founded AccountAbility and placed accounting executives and professionals in many Seattle businesses. She consults with E1/IGGS on staffing in Iraq for the Department of State and has traveled to Iraq to assist the Aim Group with their infrastructure, an international staffing provider with contracts all over the world including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Debra has a track record of over 25 years in fast paced, high-demand environments like mergers, startups, and fast growth such as Sound Transit, the tri-county public agency and Cranium, the popular game maker recently sold to Hasbro. She has an MBA from the University of Washington, a BA in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting and a minor in Economics. Debra’s vision for All StarZ Staffing extends far beyond a vendor-customer alliance. She describes All StarZ as a corporate staffing partner, collaborating with clients as a consultative team to not only meet but exceed all staffing objectives.

Ms. Kerner has held executive leadership positions with the American Staffing Association (ASA), having served as the 2013-2015 President of the Staffing Association of Washington (SAW), affiliated with ASA.



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