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5 Social Media Marketing Blogs Your Business Can't Afford to Miss

All businesses and business owners need a little inspiration before they can begin promoting their business throughout social media, and the web is full of great social media marketing blogs for everybody to read. Within this blog post I will run through my top 10 recommended social media marketing blogs for businesses and business owners to gain understanding and inspirations for their social media marketing efforts.

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#1: Jeff Bullas Internet Marketing Blog

Jeff Bullas is what many would call a marketing legend. With over 100,000 Twitter followers and a blog pulling in over 4 million views a year Jeff shares his own experiences and pro tips on online marketing, specifically surrounding social media marketing.Along with his own published and successful book on blogging Jeff provides free content daily for small business owners to allow their business to flourish throughout social media with tips on marketing through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and the list goes on.

#2: Likeable Media Blog

With two New York Times best selling books under it's belt and thousands of daily readers the Likeable blog from Likeable Media is a leading source within the marketing industry. With it's authors sharing insights into social media marketing as well as questioning the overall power of individual social networks the blog has gained huge popularity from small and large business owners. The blog has one aim: to help you make your business more likeable both online and offline and the tips they share really do work.

#3: Heidi Cohen's Actionable Marketing Blog


From a young age Heidi Cohen entered the content marketing industry within a newspaper and since then her love for content marketing and overall marketing has continued. Her blog is used to air her opinions on recent developments in online marketing as well as sharing pro tips and insights into the best practices for online marketing. Heidi is not only an accomplished online blogger but also a well written and well informed author. Her blog steadily focuses on content marketing, however, also spreads it's wings to include social media marketing and a number of direct marketing practices. She's helped many businesses to successfully build an online presence. Here's just one example: Annuity Educator

#4: Social MediaExaminer

Social Media Examiner is one of the worlds most popular social media marketing blogs and focuses fully on social media marketing for small and large businesses. The blog provides written content, podcast and videos surrounding social media marketing as well as insights and pro tips on the changing landscape of social media marketing for businesses. However, SME is not only a blog but also holds an annual event in which they bring together the worlds best thinkers in social media and online marketing through multiple online seminars.A friend of mine from uses SME regularly and they've had a very positive experience so far.

#5: Social Mouths

Social Mouths is a considerably more innovative blog surrounding social media marketing. Social Mouths has grown in popularity dramatically and looks at social media marketing from a different angle compared to other blogs. With great insights, pro tips and innovative opinions on social media marketing Social Mouths is certainly an essential read for any entrepreneur looking to grow their businesses online identity. Social Mouths (which is authored and founded by an individual) also offers a service in which they review your blog and provide feedback.

So, there you have it! Five leading social media marketing blogs for you to indulge in and further flourish in the digital generation. If you have some blogs you recommend yourself then please leave them in the comment section below for the community. Thank you for reading!

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