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Are Prepaid Phone Cards Better Than Your Mobile Provider?

With the globalization of the world, long distance calls and international calls have become a necessity because these are the only available options which enable an individual staying away from home to keep in touch with family and loved ones. There are two options to choose from in order to make long distance and international calls namely either by acquiring a cell phone contract from a mobile phone provider or by placing calls using a prepaid phone card.

Although the decision, in this regard, depends on the individual and his personal requirements, there are many reasons as to why prepaid phone cards are considered to be better than mobile providers and some of them are listed as follows:

  • Mobile providers offer cell phone contracts many of which are too lengthy for ones comfort and are binding in terms of agreement. In comparison, prepaid phone cards offer different durations which can be opted by the individual according to his needs.
  • Cell phone contracts are set up in such a way that if there are extra minutes left in the end, then they get cut off without being reimbursed. Prepaid phone cards in turn have an expiry date so that the customer is aware of his deadline to use the card.
  • Many of the prepaid phone cards are rechargeable and can also be used through local access numbers for availing lower rates. This facility however, is not extended by the mobile providers.
  • The online availability of prepaid phone cards makes the purchaser legible for a number of discounts which are not given by mobile providers.

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